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Cat mom. Philly transplant, now residing in New England. Lover of coffee, books, and Bruce Springsteen.

It’s time to compensate members of Congress using unemployment criteria to see how they like it

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The faint whiffs of hope for bipartisanship are floating through the halls of Congress, but unless a Jacob Marley-esque ghost pays a visit to both Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, the Biden agenda is likely to be stalled in a non-compromise quagmire for the foreseeable future.

One potential solution that does not require the intervention of phantasmagorias is this: requiring legislators to taste their own medicine.

Americans filed for unemployment benefits in record numbers last year, and many of them did so for the first time.

Workers pay into unemployment systems on a state level, and each state has somewhat…

He planted a seed of wisdom that would take a few years to bloom.

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My husband came home from picking up takeout and told me that the restaurant’s hostess gave him some serious attitude.

He said, “It’s as though she thought I intended to hit on her, so she was on guard and intentionally rude as if to preempt my attention.”

“I’m wearing a wedding ring, and the order is in a woman’s name, for crying out loud,” he told me.

This incident brought to mind the best life advice I ever received from my worst ex-boyfriend.

We were out at a bar, a real dive if memory serves me correctly.

I needed to…

Survivors calculate the risk versus reward of coming forward with stories of assault about powerful figures.

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Content warning: This article contains discussion about sexual assault.

The #metoo movement exploded onto the scene in 2017. Millions of women shared the hashtag, suggesting they were becoming more comfortable with taking part in a conversation about sexual harassment.

Numerous pundits acted appalled at how many women chimed in, if only by sharing the hashtag, to vocalize their experiences with sexual harassment. “It’s as though every woman I know has a direct experience with sexual assault or harassment,” the average cis white man on tv seemed to say. “That can’t be possible!”

It’s one thing to tweet “#metoo” or share…


I miss updates from my friends and pictures of pets and kids, but I don’t miss the drama one bit.

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“No-Mask Day!” the flyer screamed in all capital letters, which surrounded an image of a face mask being tossed into a trash can.

My friend posted this advertisement on her Facebook page last June. It shook me to the core.

“End All Mask Orders! Every Store, Every Park, Every Town and City!” the event caption read.

If you don’t understand the newest federal holiday, take this chance to learn and grow.

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The United States is adding a new federal holiday to the calendar, after Congress passed a bill recognizing June 19th, and sending the legislation to President Biden’s desk for signature.

The date known as Juneteenth commemorates the time period in which enslaved people in the south were notified that they had been freed by the Emancipation Proclamation — information that had been purposefully withheld from them for over 2 years.

Did you learn the significance of Juneteenth recently? If so, you’re not alone. It doesn’t matter how old you are — your newly acquired knowledge is proof that the history…

Why joining a subscription-based women’s group is 100% worth it.

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When the email hit my inbox in December, I’ll admit I was skeptical.

The message was sent by the founder of an international virtual yoga studio that I joined during the cursed year of 2020.

She invited me to become part of a new women’s group.

Her vision for the group was to serve as a sacred container in which women would support, uplift, and empower each other to explore aspects of themselves, connect to their intuition, and live their lives more in tune with their values.

It sounded amazing. It also had a monthly fee.

Purposeful Group Design

The collective is oriented…

If you’re perpetually aware of the songs playing in public spaces, this story’s for you.

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Our van was in the middle of a bridge when the only other girl on the trip walked briskly up the center aisle.

“I can’t keep listening to this,” she told the driver. “Please, can you stop the music?” She pleaded. “Just take the CD out and give it back to me when you get the chance.”

She walked back toward her seat, her eyes trained on the floor. While it appeared that she was focused on walking in a moving vehicle, I knew better.

She was gutted by the music and couldn’t stand another second listening to it around…

Social media accounts are a calculated risk that not all sexual assault survivors are willing to take.

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Step four of the job application read, “Please list the contact information for three professional references (i.e. managers, colleagues, clients, business contacts, supervisors, etc). One reference must be from your current/last place of employment’s supervisor or manager.”

My heartbeat slowed as if my blood thickened and congealed in my veins.

As I typed the name of my previous manager into the application, I considered what he would say should he be contacted about my candidacy for the advertised vacancy.

Would he even remember that night? He certainly would.

Which of my skill sets would he highlight as most favorable?


Attempts to question Joe Biden’s legitimacy fail on multiple fronts.

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The sign in the store window read “For Rent,” and my heart leaped with joy when I saw it.

Four months after the former president left office in a not-so-peaceful transfer of power, the Trump merchandise shop in central Massachusetts must not be getting enough business to remain open.

A second New England for Trump merchandise store, this one in a larger town, remains open. A flag hanging in the shop window reads: Biden is Not My President.

In 2016 I said, “Not my president” because his inflammatory words and actions on the campaign trail were offensive and directly opposed…

You know what they say about assumptions…

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Did you ever post a song lyric as your AIM away message? Maybe you also posted lyrics as a Facebook status update, back when Facebook had a feature known as a “wall.”

I’m dating myself here, but if you know, you know.

About a decade ago, I used a Beatles song lyric to describe how I was feeling.

That lyric post directly caused a friendship breakup.

My car was packed with the final possessions I removed from the home I shared with my husband. …

Laura Williams-Burke

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