Cat mom. Philly transplant, now residing in New England. Lover of coffee, books, and Bruce Springsteen.


Relying on science and technology to tell us what’s important messes with our minds, bodies, and lives.

Photo by Mikael Blomkvist from Pexels

My mindfulness challenge streak was interrupted recently by a bug in my meditation app. I noticed the error when I logged into the health app on my iPhone and saw, much to my chagrin, that my meditation session on Saturday wasn’t logged. What?! Why?

We set reasonable expectations around holidays, spending, and the accumulation of stuff.

Image designed by the author in Canva

He shoved a gift bag into my hands.

The bag was small and blue, with white handles. A festive cartoon penguin wearing ice skates and a hat smiled back at me from the sides of the bag. The tag read, “To: You, From: Me” in my boyfriend’s cramped handwriting.


Like many people, I had high hopes for a year that were kind of dashed. Here’s what I pulled from the rubble.

Image designed by the author in Canva.

Last year I published a list of things for which I was grateful. It was kinda tough to cobble together that list in the toxic environment of 2020, and let’s be honest… this year isn’t much of an improvement. …

Surviving the Christmas rush doesn’t have to be a marathon of meeting expectations.

A Christmas tree with lights illuminated in a darkened room. A fireplace is to the left of the tree, with framed photos displayed in built-in shelves behind the tree. Wrapped gifts are arranged underneath the tree.
Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

“This is the happiest I’ll be between now and next year,” my friend said morosely, staring into her coffee cup.

We were sitting in the break room after the office Thanksgiving party, a potluck-style affair that filled the office with the aroma of food that’s been heated for half the…

Laura Williams-Burke

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